Christiana Fire Company holds seventh recruit class

Thursday, September 23, 2021
A few years ago the Christiana Fire Company leadership decided to put together a recruit class designed to instruct new members on basic operations. This is a great tool that other departments could utilize or departments could group together to train new members.
The Christiana Fire Company welcomed a class of 20 individuals, most of Christiana and a few from other companies, to our weekend long company orientation class. Our weekend long class is designed to instruct our new members on how we conduct basic operational assignments.
These classes are always generally filled with members coming in with experience from other places, who undoubtedly always bring knowledge to the “Christiana Table”, and will continue to shape our company for many years to come. This place attracts many great people, people who all come to Christiana for the same reason. To become better firefighters or EMT’s, to meet like minded people and to go on runs on very busy fire and EMS apparatus.
The new members received training in the following areas:
Friday (consisted of all classroom lecture):
1. Introduction to the Company
2. Self Discipline as it relates to bettering the Company
3. New Castle County Policies
4. Engine, Rescue and Ladder Operations
Saturday (consisted of 6 rotating practical stations):
1. Dry stretching pre-connected attack lines
2. Inward/Outward door forcible entry
3. Search and Rescue techniques
4. Setting ground ladders
5. Search and Rescue under conditions with forcible entry required
6. Line movement and techniques - moving and flowing 1.75 and 2.5 attack line
Sunday (consisted of morning class and afternoon practicals):
1. Mayday/RIT Presentation
2. Vehicle Rescue
3. High Rise Discussion and Demonstration
These classes are designed to teach and evaluate new members in the way we operate so that we can determine what, if any, riding position that specific member can be cleared to ride in within an operational capacity. The goal is to ensure everyone riding has an equal understanding of county and company policy, ensuring their safety and the safety of the others with their crew and the surrounding companies.
We thank all of the attending new members for dedicating a weekend of their summer by taking their first real step into riding with us. Additionally, we thank our current membership for dedicating their weekend to teaching, helping and staffing on a very busy weekend.

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